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To know what is happening is of great interest for some people which can be obtained in the world news. There has been a finding of many innovative devices and machines due to the growing development of technology and science. In order to deliver of different types of news to the people instantly it is very useful. In this busy world, different kinds of news are being covered by all the journalists. These days, the world is turned into a drawing room as a result of technology. In India the media has always been very active. This has resulted in study of all kinds of world news. However, top world news has helped people to a great extent.  In India, people are constantly updated by the political news as well as by the world news.Most of the people prefer to read newspapers as soon as they wake up. Newspapers are the most popular and efficient source in order to obtain top world news. The newspaper comprises of variety of information about the latest world news asджоан роулінг цікаві факти
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well. Specific pages are allotted to specific kind of news. One can find news about various topics like sports news, international news, political news and other news in the newspaper.In recent times, one finds sports news in the world news too which is mainly because of the increasing liking towards sports in minds of the people. Newspapers are cheap and so anyone and everyone can afford it. It is always updated with news from all around the world. In India, the main aim of the newspaper agencies is to deliver the Latest World News to its readers.These days in India, a person can finds innumerable number of channels broadcasting news on the television. All of them aim at delivering latest world news. The reporters report even the minute detail of the news through these news channels. On some channels, one can get to know the world news. News are seen along video clips which creates a better impact on the viewer. Nowadays, political issues are passed on to the people through newspapers. All the political issues are covered which take place across the country. Competitions are found among the news channels to deliver various kinds of news to the people. In India, political issues face a lot of complications which is one of the reasons why people in India show interest in political news.

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